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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

We would not beat around the bush: its need to improve the stellar phone in 2015 “Samsung Galaxy S7”. Samsung Company has made New SmartPhone That Packs Incredible Battery, HD Display, Excellent Camera And a Water Proof Smartphone and a cheap price of “Samsung Galaxy S7”.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

If You are looking The curved Display then Samsung Galaxy S7 is closely related to curved Smartphones. Last Year Samsung made the S6 version which had the ability of curve smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date And Price:

  • Released in March 2016
  • Release Price £569 (Around 750$ to AU$950)
  • Contrast Begin from 28$ per Month

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has an enticing one, But 2016 is very tough for the New and Latest Smartphones so The Samsung needed to do something Big and new.The LG G5 has released with and new Design and unique Modular, The HTC 10 has launched with a storm and obviously The iPhone 7 expects to arrive before this year.this is really hard for Samsung Galaxy S7, it will take too much time to improve the new and premium designs and features from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Features and design:

At The First, you will be forgiven the looks of  Samsung Galaxy S7 with a new Shining Metallic Glass. it looks almost related to the Samsung Galaxy S6. And that is because Samsung has re-used the metallic glass and premium finished.

Samsung has made the metallic rim around its iconic physical key.I am the Big Fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7, and that looks further improved to the with a color-coded from the Galaxy S6.The Samsung Galaxy has tried to release the friction from Samsung Galaxy S7, while Samsung Galaxy S7 has the same size of the 5.1-inch display as like S6 and also Samsung reduced the height and width of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

It will give you the dimension of 14.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm – and that’s the last number which is the most interesting thing .At 7.9 mm Thick Samsung Galaxy S7 is fatter the Tha Galaxy S6.The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Phone that you can grip easily and confidently.The Shape, Size, and General Design mean it can handle easily, easier to hold and can easier to operate from one-handed.It can arrive the other side of the screen with remote and less strain.

Samsung has enabled two features in Samsung Galaxy S7 from Galaxy S6 through microSD card,  Dust, and  Waterproofing  all appearing in Samsung Galaxy S7.The microSD card shares a tray from nano sim.


The Samsung Enables An Excellent and a Brilliant camera in Samsung Galaxy S7. The 16 MP camera which adorned The rear out of The Samsung S6.There is only one snapper Hard, unlike the Dual-camera in LG G5 and Huawei P9-not to mention The possibilities the iPhone 7 doubling up later in this year.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are the latest Smartphones which have the double-pixel sensor as like the DSLR Cameras.The Samsung Galaxy S7 gives you the faster autofocus as compared to Galaxy S6.Samsung has also improved the brightness and overall quality on Samsung galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung also enables the Motion Picture and Motion Panorama to the Galaxy S7 in Camera Arsenal.Motion Picture is The South Korean Development to live photos , which apple’s already introduced in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.The Samsung Galaxy S7 has an excellent picture quality, and tough.Samsung has managed to top of the camera it puts on the S6 with Galaxy S7’s Snapper.

Battery Life:

First, Samsung has given us a bigger battery life from S5 in Galaxy S6 of 2550mAh now again Galaxy Samsung has improved the battery life with a new Samsung Galaxy S7 with a 3000mAh power pack.Samsung has also given a boost charging in both wired and wireless.With fast charging via wired connection use the fast charge adapter.

At night, it lost not much battery it loses just 10% and that was with on-display enabled.We also tested through two hours of web browsing and we opened the script on Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Release out of the test with the 48% of battery left over.Behind from this HTC 10 That had 56% charging.The Huawei P9 with the closest stunning from Samsung with 43%,while The Sony Xperia Z5 had also 40% battery life,The LG G5 and iPhone 6S launch with 39% and 22% respectively.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review video:

  • Here The Video of Samsung Galaxy S7 Review:

Overall The Samsung Galaxy S7 has taken the Forward positive step  when it came to battery life.Otherwise, This is not the best performance out there, you can be plugged in at night but be sure full day’s use when you Wake up.

Final Decision:

The Best Way to Define or describe is that it’s a perfect Smartphone.It took all credits from Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6S

We Liked

The layout won’t look all that one-of-a-kind, however, I love how the Galaxy S7 sits in the palm. It is at ease to maintain, and the curved edges and reduced width approach it’s less difficult to apply one-exceeded.Samsung has delicate the layout from the S6 in all the proper ways, including making the Galaxy S7 water resistant. This is a smartphone you might not want to position down.

Then there is the show, which nonetheless sports an eye-popping resolution and awesome AMBLED generation, however, comes what may brighter and greater spellbinding.Samsung has freshened up TouchWiz, stuffed the S7 complete of electricity, and pulled off yet every other supremely wonderful smartphone camera – the low light performance of the 12MP snapper is something to behold.I favored the always-on display way greater than I thought I would – it is easy but tremendously convenient – while game Launcher is some another high-quality contact, and improves the mobile gaming experience on the S7.

We disliked

very little, if I am sincere. The price is excessive, however, it really is to be expected. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a pinnacle cell phone, and its fee tag displays the going rate for such a device within the modern market.There are Chinese producers making phones with flagship specs at half the fee, so while Samsung asks for double it increases the query of whether we are being taken for a journey. We are not. You are becoming miles extra achieved bundle with the Galaxy S7.

Battery existence has improved over the S6, however, the Galaxy S7 nevertheless desires a nightly fee. Speedy charging is useful, however, it might not help you if you’re away from a plug socket for a prolonged time period – and unlike the LG G5’s, the S7’s battery isn’t removable.
The go back of microSD support is welcome, however, I might want to see greater than 32GB of internal area – mainly when you recollect that 7.51GB of that is already in use whilst you are taking the S7 out of its field.Oh, and the fact that the S7 is a total fingerprint magnet is simply simple disturbing.

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