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LG G6 First Non Pixel Phone

We always see that what the LG coming up next phone looks like. And today we are hearing some new rumors about LG Smart Phone Capabilities.

LG G6 First Non Pixel Phone

we has a new report about LG Smart Phone that LG G6 is the first and latest smart phone handset coming outside of Google’s own pixel range. This Smart Phone will Give you the voice command usually functionally which Digital assistance expected. Although its an interesting note that these types of voices interface have available in the Smart phone for sometimes. LG has recently become a big part of pith for the high and latest devices. As we know The new Smart phone Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor has a added up the virtual assistance. LG G6 will include from its purchase of Viv Labs (a starting of Siri which is the original creator.

In the case of LG its better to develop its own experts instead of bringing the Google Experts. CNET noticed originally that LG company deliberate to make use the Amazon’s Alexa as like a subordinate in LG G6. But the Plan was rejected because they are not ready now. This is not the now the first phone with the Amazon’s Alexa although that was the Huawei Mate 9, and also Amazon’s Digital Subordinate Certainly gets round. And Become visible into the everything from refrigirator to lamps to alarm clocks at CES this year.

Through with Google Subordinate we all know the Lg G6 will be the water resistance smartphone with the 5.7 inches display supportable and also with has a premium glass and metal design and also include a headphone jeck. We are also expecting that the LG G6 smartphone like LG G5 with the supportable double camera. With the flashlight on both sides (Rear Camera and Front Camera with Flash Light). And also we are expecting that the finger print scanner along with the rear camera. But there is none of them the modularity that have made in 2016 flagship. But We will  find more about the LG G6 at the Mobile Worlds Congress In the next month. Where The Lg G6 handset will be released in the September 2017.

LG G6 First Non Pixel Phone
LG G6 First Non Pixel Phone

Specification And Price:

  • Figure LG G6:                                                                        Single Sim or Duel Sim
  • Screen show LG G6:                                                              16M Color with the IPS LCD touchscreen
  • Size LG G6:                                                                             5.3 inch or inches
  • Resolution LG G6:                                                                 1440 x 2560 pixels
  • Defence LG G6:                                                                     Gorilla Glass 5
  • Ram (Random Access Memory) LG G6:                          6 GB Giga Bytes
  • Internal Memory LG G6:                                                    64 to 128 GB Memory
  • Camera Show LG G6:                                                          23 MP (Rear Camera) And  12 MP (Front Camera) with Auto focus
  • Processor LG G6:                                                                  octo-core 3.0 GHz
  • Price Amount LG G6:                                                          750$ and 688 Euro
  • Battery Time LG G6:                                                            42000 mAh
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