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Leica M10 Review

Leica M10 Review

If you don’t follow Leica m cameras carefully, it might be hard to recognise what the fuss over the m10 is about. However, for those who do, the brand new camera represents a huge breakthrough.

There are other fashions within the Leica portfolio to attend to modern-day technical innovation, and the Leica m has a different position. Right here, Leica’s goal is to stability the lengthy lifestyle of its m-collection cameras with the desires of latest photographers.


Leica M10 Review

Leica M10 Review
Leica M10 Review


Humans buy Leica ms due to what they are, and they do not want matters modified – so each new feature in the m10 is designed to make it higher at what it already is, now not to show it into a one of a kind sort of digicam. And for its $6,495 (£5,599, au$nine,699) rate tag, the Leica m10 caters to a complete area of interest target market.

Given that Leica is committed to keeping the layout and feature unchanged, it is perhaps no wonder to discover the m10 appears – superficially – just like the Leica m, the m-p, and even the m9, released 8 years in the past. It’s nevertheless a complete body rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses and a 24-megapixel sensor.

But there are differences, and inside the context of the Leica m range, they’re massive ones.

Leica M10 Review

Key capabilities

  • New sensor, nonetheless 24mp
  • Iso100-50,000
  • Wi-fi

First, there may be the dimensions. Virtual Leica ms have continually had a barely fatter body than their older film counterparts. Not anymore. The m10 now has exactly the equal dimensions as the film model, and despite the fact that the distinction is just a few millimetres, you can experience it in the hand.

Leica M10 Review
Leica M10 Review

2d, there’s the viewfinder – it now offers a discipline of view 30% larger, and the attention remedy is increased by way of 50%. With the bigger viewfinder photograph, you do not must hold the digicam so near your eye, and that’s specifically good information for spectacles wearers.

On pinnacle, the most obvious difference is a new iso dial on the left stop of the pinnacle plate. This means you could now alter the point of interest and all the exposure parameters – shutter speed, aperture and iso – without opening a menu and, certainly, without even switching at the digicam.

Interior, the resolution remains identical at 24mp, but the sensor has been redeveloped for this model and is matched up with Leica’s maestro ii processor. This aggregate can provide an improved sensitivity variety of iso100-50,000 and a continuous taking pictures velocity of 5fps.

There’s no low-bypass filter out over the sensor, so that’s desirable news for pleasant element rendition. There is no photo stabilisation, although, either inside the frame or the Leica m lenses and no in-constructed dirt reduction machine. Leica does say, however, that it has multiplied the distance between the sensor floor and its glass cowl, if you want to put any dust spots similarly from the sensor aircraft and ought to lessen their visibility.

What the m10 does have, however, is wi-fi. This works alongside an ios Leica-m app for iPhone and iPad users (no point out of android yet), which offers wireless image switch and far away digital camera manipulate.

That is not all. In case you’re taking pictures a topic that needs pin-factor consciousness and compositional accuracy, there is an elective clip-on visor flex digital viewfinder, with a 2,400k-dot resolution and – interestingly – GPS constructed in.

Leica M10 Review

Build and handling

You could sense the slimmer frame whilst you take care of the m10, and it is a small however welcome development. Taking a step again, that is simply a sizable technical achievement: this is a complete frame interchangeable lens camera it truly is no larger than its 35mm film-based ancestor.

The improved viewfinder size is at once obvious, too, and the better magnification makes the m10 greater comfy to use. The rangefinder focusing approach hasn’t changed, however, the progressed viewfinder makes it just that little bit less complicated to apply.

There’s a precise knack to this. To begin with, you do tend to attention to and fro a bit to persuade yourself you’ve got located the proper awareness point. This is a digital camera you have to analyse, and also you additionally have to learn to consider your hand-eye coordination to move instantly to the right cognizance distance without continuously checking and re-checking.

The iso dial is smaller than the others, and to change the placing you have to lift it in opposition to quite strong spring stress, but it’s not a hassle – Leica virtually regards iso changes as planned and comparatively rare decisions, not something you hold converting from one shot to the next.

Round the lower back, the simplified 3 button manipulate layout is fresh, and after the complexity of a DSLR, it is virtually pretty unnerving to pick out up a digicam and shoot with none distractions from the digital camera itself.

Keeping the m10 vertically for portrait shots isn’t quite so truthful – you can need to carefully adjust your grip in order that your thumb would not cover the viewfinder.


  • Accurate focusing
  • Notable photograph exceptional
  • Simultaneously jpeg and uncooked capture

Leica M10 Review

The Leica m viewfinder doesn’t show the view through the lens, and its angle of view would not exchange while you change lenses. Instead, you use bright line frames in the viewfinder similar to the lens in use. In our short time with the digicam, this proved quite accurate, and there had been no unpleasant surprises and cut-off topics while we checked our pics afterwards.

Leica M10 Review
Leica M10 Review

Focusing is pretty accurate. In truth, the simplest attention errors had been ours, and whenever there has been time to awareness carefully, the consequences have been spot on.

Leica experts also suggested capturing with manual recognition bracketing, which has you are taking a sequence of photographs with tiny modifications. That appears like a chunk of a drag, but there’s usually the optional visor flex EVF for precise work.

The photo excellent appears wonderful. We have been restrained to a single taking pictures state of affairs, a unique scene installation for travelling photographers on the Leica press occasion, but even at iso3200 the m10’s detail rendition, contrast and colour look incredible.

The m10 shoots jpegs and png files simultaneously, so it was thrilling to evaluate the consequences. The jpegs have a little more contrast and readability, however, the dox documents, opened in adobe digicam raw, had a smoother texture and subtle, finer detail.

The tone and colour variations among the 2 were minimum, even though, that is satisfactory to look – often, adobe camera raw promises a totally distinct rendition of a picture to the digital cameras.

Early verdict

The Leica m is never going to be a mass marketplace digital camera, and it’d be silly to criticise Leica for making what may look like pretty modest modifications. For Leica and its many lovers, the Leica m is already pretty much as suitable as a digicam of this type can get, so any changes should be small, incremental and really carefully concept through.

With that in mind, the m10 is an impressive upgrade. A better resolution sensor might have been high-quality but, that apart, the thinner body, larger viewfinder and higher iso variety are all clearly profitable. We really need to get the m10 in for overview now so that we will spend a few right time with it.

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