Google Pixel 2 Low Light Photography Phone Review

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As Google change its branding last October 2016 from Nexus to Pixel. So what is new in this brand changing store? Let’s take a complete review. As other companies like Samsung and Apple are also focusing on latest and best cameras, so as google has jumped focusing on Low Light Photography Camera as it is becoming a big race in smartphone industries. If we look at current Pixel XL which is google’s branding release has also excellent highest rated camera till now according to reviews.

Google Pixel 2 Low Light Photography Phone Review

Low Light Photography Camera Phone, What To Expect?

All the predictions can become false because the accurate features can only be known at the time Pixel 2 Launching. As the Phone is in the early development process, we can only assume that, is there any silicon and processor up gradation or not? According to reports they also focusing on a low budget phone which is typically for developing economical countries.

What is Release Date Of Pixel 2?

According to previous releases of current Pixel and pixel XL, we can expect that Pixel 2 coming date can October. Pixel XL was released on sale on 20 October 2016, So a similar releasing date could expect.

Google ‘Pixel 2’ Low Light Photography Phone Review

Google 'Pixel 2' Low Light Photography Phone Review

Google ‘Pixel 2’ Low Light Photography Phone Review

How Much Will Google Phone Cost?

When Google moved from high-value devices toward premium devices, it switched the prices as well. Today cheapest pixel cost is 599£ and the price of Pixel XL was 719£. So there can be an increase in the price of 50$ due to the development of camera and waterproof functioning.

As google is experimenting and working on cheapest phones. So we can expect that the offers of Pixel 2 will be more reliable and relatively cheap.

If we talk about feature development, Google is working on improving camera for low light photography. And definitely, we will see waterproof pixels. Accurate features and development would be known at the time of Phone launching.

The current Pixel and Pixel XL are IP58 rated, which means they are dustproof and protected against spraying water, but not submersible or water-resistant. But the Current Pixel Should be having features of fully waterproof and water resistance.