Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset Review

Virtual reality sounds terrible. The bevy of 360-degree video cameras are visually immersive, but what they lack is convincing ‘lifelike’ audio. Cue the Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset, which we first saw at CES 2017 in January. It has an omni-directional microphone on each ear that record the sound surrounding theRead More →

Sony Alpha A9 Review

It’s a phrase we don’t say often about the camera world, but Sony surprised us in many ways with the introduction of the A9. New cameras have always focused on resolution bumps, autofocus point increases and more numbers to make your head spin. The Sony Alpha A9, however, aims toRead More →

Leica M10 Review

If you don’t follow Leica m cameras carefully, it might be hard to recognise what the fuss over the m10 is about. However, for those who do, the brand new camera represents a huge breakthrough. There are other fashions within the Leica portfolio to attend to modern-day technical innovation, andRead More →