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Samsung Galaxy X The Future Of SmartPhones

Samsung Galaxy X The Future Of SmartPhones

Samsung Galaxy X The Future Of SmartPhones. This year Samsung is launching his extremely awesome Smartphone. we hear that Samsung Spent 5 Year for making this phone. Samsung Galaxy X The Future Of SmartPhones the Question is What is new In this phone and why it's so unique? so we are here to

Halo Wars 2 Review Gameplay Trailer Release Date Xbox and Computers Game

Halo Wars 2 Review

There are too much games that have much action, much adventure, much fighting and a lot of things. But The Halo Wars 2 is a pretty wonderful game as compare to the other upcoming games. The Halo Wars 2 has much different from the first version of the Halo Wars. Halo

Yotaphone 2 Phone With 2 Screens

Yotaphone 2 Phone With Two Screens

YotaPhone has launched a new phone with 2 screens with the name YotoPhone 2. Yotaphone 2 phone with 2 screens is a highly unique phone. this Phone look like same like every smartphone.but when you flip you will notice the second screen. this screen is an E-ink Screen which is highly Awesome. Yotaphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Upcoming

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Upcoming

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 very bad fall down in 2016. in 2017 Samsung is cumming up with Galaxy Note 8. so Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Upcoming . this time Samsung is Samsung is coming with latest technology to make Note 8 more good and secure. Samsung is taking battery cells from other suppliers. this

LG G6 First Non Pixel Phone

We always see that what the LG coming up next phone looks like. And today we are hearing some new rumors about LG Smart Phone Capabilities. LG G6 First Non Pixel Phone we has a new report about LG Smart Phone that LG G6 is the first and latest smart phone handset coming

iPhone 8 Release Date Price And Specification

iPhone 8 Release Date, Price And Specification

In 2017 There will be The 10th Anniversary of iPhone and Apple Company has an idea to celebrate. that's why Apple Company is going to release iPhone 8 and there will be new features update in iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Release Date, Price And Specification Design: Today Apple is too excited to vote for

Galaxy S8 Leak and Specification

These days Samsung releasing new Galaxy S8. we find Galaxy S8 leak and Specification. if you are excited then stay with us because we have a good news for you. a huge leak gives us full details of this phone. Galaxy S8 images and Spec are givers Below. Just check

Google Tango On Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro

There’s a lot taking place with the Lenovo tab 2 pro phone, a dizzying array of things to don't forget. The first is that it’s big, barely qualifying as a smartphone, with a 6.4-inch show and tough, chamfered edges that make it feel like a weaponized phablet. The second one

Leica M10 Review

Leica M10 Review

If you don't follow Leica m cameras carefully, it might be hard to recognise what the fuss over the m10 is about. However, for those who do, the brand new camera represents a huge breakthrough. There are other fashions within the Leica portfolio to attend to modern-day technical innovation, and the

Nokia 8 The Upcoming Smartphone

Nokia is launching the Nokia 8 after the success of the Nokia 6. This phone is also launching under the presence of HMD. This phone Made an appearance online.according to Nokia 8 The Upcoming Smartphone They suggested some name's and even Nokia P1.the Nokia 8 will come is 2 of them is with a Snapdragon